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  • IsaacRom

Thoroughly enjoyed your site. Thank you! ????

  • Rosemarie (Rosie) Elsdon

Well done Hearst I wish we had all the pictures\r\nof our presidents. Somebody must of done lots of\r\ndiging to get them all like that.Cudos to you all.

  • Branch 88

Very nice site, I wish the executive at our Legion would do something as nice. Well done comrades.

  • Br 85 Member

I have recently started researching my father's War Records. Roy was the rear gunner on the same flight that my father Astley Hugh Simmons was Flight Engineer. The plane was shot down. I can find reference to Bob Marsh(Bomb Aimer) in Stalagluft 1 as was my father as POW's but can find no other references to the crew. I have the same crew group photo as shown on the site.

  • Dennis Simmons

My heart goes out to the family my condolences, may you have the strength to surpass this, Just remember he is only sleeping and you will see him again.God BlessDina

  • Dina Sousa DaPonte

I was active as an Associate Member. The site brings back a lot of good memories.

  • Sam Bosnick

Nice site

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